What's The Point?

So, What IS  the Point?

This is a fair question and one I wish more parents/guardians would ask.  I know I put it in the letter that went home, but having been a working parent myself (and a college student at the time too!), I know I signed ALOT of papers shoved under my nose without really reading them.  True story.....

I do this because it helps develop the skills the students need for highschool, namely:

  1. Note Taking Skills
  2. Observation Skills
  3. Data Analysis Skills
  4. Working Independently
  5. Working in a Group
  6. Report Writing
  7. Meeting Deadlines
  8. Lab Skills
  9. Scientific Method Understanding
  10. Following a process long-term
  11. Measuring, fractions, using both triple-beam and electronic apparatus to mass
NEVER hesitate to ask questions!