Scrap book Information

Scrap Book Bag
This is our scrapbook bag. In it you will find paper, scissors, tape, glue, stickers, and markers. You are asked to help your child make at least one scrapbook page that they can add to our class scrapbook.   
I will put the pages in sheet protectors on Monday when the bag and pages are returned and add them to our class scrapbook. PLEASE do not send in pictures that you may need back right away. This book will be part of our classroom library until May and then I will be returning all the pages back to your child. 
Two students receive the scrap book bag each week. This allows us to showcase your child and get to know them better. Kids love to share about themselves. These two students will take turns being the line leader as well as a teacher helper. The pages you and your child create will be shared on Monday by your child and then added to the book.
Feel free to add your own stickers, decorations, or designer pages if you want. If you choose to use different paper, it must be 8 ½ by 11 so it will fit in the sheet protector. Please add captions and dates if you can. This kids love to read about each other.
                                                        Thanks and Have Fun!
                                                        Mrs. Hayden