Homework Policy

The homework packet will be sent home on Friday each week and needs to be returned on the following Friday. It will consist of three to four pages that follow the units and subjects being covered in class and some reading. The homework will be a review so they should be able to complete it on their own or with minimal assistance. I encourage you to check over their homework and tell them if they have mistakes, but allow them to find the mistakes themselves. When they are stuck on a problem encourage them to keep trying to figure it out or skip it and try again later. If your child is still struggling give them hints or solve it with them. If you find they are struggling with homework please send in a note or write directly on the homework. This will help me in ensuring your child understands the concepts and I will be able to review specific areas of difficulty with them. 
I send home weekly homework instead of nightly because I know there are some nights that it is almost impossible to get it completed so this will allow your child to have plenty of time to do so. Please help your child learn to pace themselves and complete a little each night. 
Homework is your child’s responsibility. Homework is a good way to teach your child responsibility and accountability. Homework should be written/completed by the student. Homework is required. Students who have not completed their homework will be given time during their free time on Friday to complete it.
Homework packets are created using workbook pages and copies of other materials. I understand there may be an incident when homework is lost, misplaced or ruined. I cannot always replace the homework because some pages are pulled from their workbooks, but I will send it home again if I can. Please help your child keep homework in a safe place so this doesn’t become an issue regularly.
Sometimes homework may require scissors, glue, crayons or other materials besides a pencil. If you are in need of these materials, let me know before it is due. I can usually send home basic materials for homework.
Students will occasionally have projects for homework in the place of a regular weekly packet. These may be book projects or science related projects. I do plan on students completing a life cycle project and recycling project in the spring. These come home at least 2 weeks in advance with detailed explanations.