Rules and Motto

Welcome to Newport Primary and the Newport Wildcats!
Below is our school motto we will be using to keep focused all year. Every day we will recite the motto along with our principal during the morning announcements. I will reflect back to this motto throughout the day to encourage positive behavior. 
We are WILDCATS!  We...
Work hard
Include everyone
Listen carefully
Do our best
Care about ourselves and our environment
Act in a safe manner
Treat others with respect
Speak with kindness
Classroom Rules
We have three general rules. Throughout the first couple weeks we will be working as a class to brainstorm what each of these mean.
I respect SELF.
I respect OTHERS.
Behavior System (Color Codes throughout the school)
BLUE – Earned a kindness link – This is not expected every day. This is earned by doing random acts of kindness or going above and beyond to help someone.
GREEN - This means they had an overall good day with no reminders. This is where your child is expected to be.
YELLOW –Some reminders throughout the day. I will try to jot down what they did, but I encourage the parents to ask they child about their day so the child can reflect on the days’ events.
RED – 3 or more reminders