General Info

Newport School’s Code of Conduct book 

In the back of this book are several pages that need to be completed and returned as soon as possible. Pages that need to be returned are highlighted on the front cover.
A daily communication log will be in your child’s folder. There is a school-wide color system beginning this year. The daily sheet will reflect the color your child was on during the day. Feel free to respond or write notes on this daily sheet as well.  I will remind and announce about upcoming events through this daily communication. 
The school sends out a monthly newsletter/lunch menu. This can also be found on our website.
General Information from Mrs. Hayden


The Youth Request Leader is the mandatory background check the state requires for anyone who may be in the building working with students, assisting teachers or attending fieldtrips. This should be filled out now to avoid problems if you would like to volunteer at any time this year.   

Beginning on Friday, August 24th, two students each week will bring home the scrap book bag. This bag has the materials and directions to make a scrapbook page for our class scrap book. The bag is returned on Monday when your child gets to share their page. This is a fun way to get to know the students and we use the pages to create a class book the students love to read and look at throughout the year.
Web page
I have a webpage that can be accessed through the Newport Wildcats webpage. All calendar events, class happenings, permission slips, class notes or newsletters, and projects will be posted on this webpage. 
I know the first few days of school is as overwhelming for the parents as it is the students with the stacks of papers to read and sign. I appreciate your hard work in returning necessary forms. I have tried to give you an overview of our class with the most important information needed now. Please feel free to contact me by phone or writing if you have any questions or concerns about your child or the classroom. I can be reached by calling the school phone number at 292-3011.
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