Mystery Reader

Mystery Reader
I would like to invite parents, grandparents, and other adult family members to our class as a mystery reader. A mystery reader is someone who comes to our room to read, but the students do not know who is coming. 
Read-alouds and modeling good reading are important parts of learning how to read. Mystery readers also show students that adults enjoy reading. It is neat for the students to see adults reading aloud their favorite children’s book. If you do not have a copy of your favorite children’s book or poem, let me know and I can get it from our school library. 
I’d like the mystery readers to come in on Friday afternoons beginning after Labor Day. I would prefer the readers to come in at 2:00 or thereafter if possible. This will help keep the students in a routine and know when to expect the mystery reader. If you would like to be a mystery reader but cannot do Friday afternoons I still encourage you to do so. Send me your availability and I will put you down for a different day or time that will work for you
I would like to have mystery readers all year. If you are interested, but now is not good for you I will be booking readers all year. Please return the bottom portion with the specific date and time (2:00, 2:15, 2:30 or 2:45) or with a time frame (e.g. any Friday in October) and I will add you to the calendar. If Fridays do not work, please give me your availability. I will respond with a date for everyone and also send a reminder on the Monday of your week to read. 
Mrs. Hayden
Mystery Reader
Friday Date _____________________                                                                       Time____________________
OR  what time frame or month would be best _____________________________
OR  what day and time is best if you cannot do Fridays from 2:00 or later __________________