• Carol M. White PEP Grant

Student Enrichment

Fit for Life Project
Lisa Rizzo
Food Service Director


The FIT for Life Project is an initiative of Newport Independent Schools that promotes physical activity and healthy eating though positive experiences. The project began in the 2013-2014 school year after the district was awared a federal grant known as the Carol M. White Physical Education Program.


Physical Activity and Nutrition

Additional opportunities for physical activity and nutrition education are provided at each school. Before, during and afterschool activities are designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, confidence and desire to enjoy a healthy, meaningful lifestyle. 

Wellness Events

A variety of events are held at each school throughout the year. Fun, engaging activities are for both students and parents and focused on cultivating a love for active living and healthy eating.

Fuel Up To Play 60

Fuel Up To Play is a student-driven program that empowers high school students to lead healthy, sustainable changes that meet their school's wellness goals. Program availability will begin in September 2016.

Coordinated School Health Committee

The purpose of this committee is to create a safe and healthy environment in which schools can prioritize health related issues, while also creating more opportunities for physical fitness and health education. Meetings are held at the district level and in each individual school. Staff, students, parents and community members are invited to participate. For more information on meeting dates and times, contact Lisa Rizzo at (859) 468-1524.



For more information on the FIT for Life Project and the variety of programming offered, contact