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Kelly Middleton, Superintendent

Kelly Middleton


Welcome to the Newport Independent School District 


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Newport Independent School District’s website. It is our hope that you will find the information contained here both informative and helpful as you explore our district. Our staff has gone to great lengths to ensure that the information is timely and as accurate as possible. Any feedback that you have concerning our website would be greatly appreciated.



Communicating with our Schools


Newport is always looking for ways to better communicate with our parents/guardians and our community. We have expanded our use of social media with the district and each school has their own Facebook page, Twitter accounts and hashtags. Every school leader has a Twitter account and many like myself have their own Facebook page. My Twitter account is kellsinfotweets.


We also use the one call phone and email system. Please help us to better communicate with you by updating your home address, phone number and email account with your child’s school.


Each school also has an advisory committee made up of parents and teachers that meet each month. Our school board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month; except for November and December.  Please check the website for all meeting dates and times and to ensure a meeting date has not been changed.


The Newport Independent School District’s greatest strength has always been the relationship between the school and the community. Newport teachers again held their state and national award-winning home visit program this summer and the staff are currently doing professional development as they prepare to meet the needs of their students. We are very fortunate to have the benefit of supportive parents as well as the business community.  Without such support, we would not be able to effectively educate your child. The Newport Independent School District will continue to work hard to ensure that these relationships continue to succeed in the future.  


Media Centers/Library Upgrades


Newport has made so many facility upgrades in the last few years that they are too numerous to mention. Some upgrades to heating and air, roofs etc. likely go unnoticed. However, everyone will notice our renovations to all our media centers/libraries which have been upgraded to meet the needs of students being educated in the 21st Century.

  In addition to having one of the best high school cafeterias in this state, we just added an outdoor food court/classroom for our 7-12 students.


The Newport Independent School District remains a great place for our children to receive a quality education. We have an outstanding staff that supports your effort as well. I welcome you to the website and the school district. If my office can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me at (859) 292-3001. My email address is Thanks, and remember, we're about kids!

~Kelly Middleton


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