Another Round of P-EBT Cards

We are excited to announce that Kentucky has been approved by the USDA to provide Round 3
of P-EBT benefits to all eligible students to cover the period of October 2020 through May 2021.

  • Benefits will be applied to existing cards
  • Lost cards can be replaced by calling 855-979-9949 (can take up to 14 days)
  • If you have moved recently, update your address by calling 855-306-8959

How are students identified?

  • KDE will be providing CHFS the list of all eligible public school students monthly beginning in March. All students who are primarily enrolled in a CEP school as indicated in Infinite Campus, are eligible.

How much will eligible students receive?

  • The daily benefit amount is $6.82.
  • All students that are primarily enrolled in a school that is predominantly VIRTUAL will receive 20 days of benefits for the month.
  • The first allotment of benefits will cover October through February.
  • Benefits for March through June will then be issued retroactively on a monthly basis by the 25th calendar day of the following month.
    • Example: A student at a school that has been predominantly virtual since October will receive $682 to cover the period of October through February (5 months, 20 days per month, at $6.82 per day). They will then receive $136.40 ($6.82 x 20 days) or $81.84 ($6.82 x 12 days) monthly for March through the end of the school year based on the predominant learning model at their school for each specific month.

How will students receive the benefit?

  • All benefits will automatically be provided to the student’s previous P-EBT card for August and September unless they currently receive SNAP, where the benefit will then be added to their current SNAP benefit card instead.
  • Families can simply request a replacement card if they no longer have the previous card.
  • Newly enrolled students that did not receive the August and September benefit cards will be automatically mailed a new card.


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