Newport Independent Schools Seeking High School Math Teacher

Category: High School - Grades 7-12 Date Posted: 11/13/2022 Location: Newport High School Date of Availability: 12/01/2022


SPECIFIC DUTIES and PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Demonstrates Professional Leadership 1. Shall build positive relationships with and between school and community. 2. Shall promote leadership potential in colleagues. 3. Shall participate in professional organizations and activities. 4. Shall write and speak effectively. 


Demonstrates Knowledge of Content 1. Shall communicate a breadth of content knowledge across the discipline(s) to be taught. 2. Shall communicate a current knowledge of discipline(s) taught. 3. Shall demonstrate a general knowledge that allows for integration of ideas and information across the disciplines.


Designs/Plan Instruction 1. Shall focus instruction on one or more of Kentucky's learning goals and academic expectations. 2. Shall develop instruction that requires students to apply knowledge, skills, and thinking processes. 3. Shall integrate skills, thinking processes, and content across disciplines.  


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