Inclement Weather - Wind Chill

As a parent if you determine that the weather conditions are too dangerous for your child to be out we respect your decision.  You are free to contact your child’s school to request an excused absence for the day.  Please make sure you contact the attendance office at your child’s school to report the absence.

 Understand that the safety of our staff and students is our top priority when making the decision to delay or close school.  We can assure you that our school buildings are warm, safe and an ideal place for students to be when it is extremely cold outside.  Parents should make sure their child is dressed appropriately for the cold weather.  The district urges students to wear winter hats, gloves, heavy coats and boots.  Frostbite and hypothermia are serious risks and need to be taken into consideration by parents.  If your child does not have a heavy coat, hat, boots or gloves please call the Family Resource Youth Service Center of his/her school; these centers have limited supplies to help those students in need.    

 To get more information on how the wind chill is calculated see the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart

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