Fundraiser for New Intermediate Basketball Team

This fundraiser is good for both dine-in or carry out and lasts until 2/18/16.  
The money raised will be used to purchase items for the boys such as:

  • Pride T-Shirts to be worn to school Friday before the games
  • Warm-Up Pullovers
  • New Team Jerseys (ours are worn down)
  • Team Shorts (we don't have any currently)

So far through donations our team has received customized gym bags for each player which were donated by a parent and just arrived today. Also, each kid was given a basketball to take home for personal use (picture attached) thanks to a combination of donations from both parents and Meijer in Cold Spring, KY. Your participation at BW3's would be greatly appreciated and would help reward our boys for their hard work in the classrooms and on the court.

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