KPREP Testing

For many of our students, this is a very anxious time.  They want to make sure they give their best effort and do well for themselves and their school.  They need your help as well.
You have an important role in this assessment… and you can help both us, and your child, in many ways during this time.  We need to make sure our students are getting plenty of rest each evening so they arrive at school prepared to concentrate for the day’s testing.  With that, it is a great help for the students to have a good breakfast, whether they eat at home or in the cafeteria.
Each day, students need to be here on time ready to start testing.  Those who arrive late may have to wait to take the test at another time.
Please do your best not to schedule appointments during the testing window from May 14th through May 22nd.  This will help us get the best effort from our students.  We want to make sure they have the opportunity to show the results of their hard work this school year.

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