Board Of Education

Melissa Sheffel
Melissa Sheffel
Title: Board Member

Originally from Eastern Ohio, Melissa moved to Newport in 2000 following her marriage. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University and works in the fundraising department at the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio.

In addition to being a board member, Melissa is also a Newport parent. Between these two roles, she has served the district in many different capacities. She has been a PTO president, a member of a Site-Based Decision Making Council, served on the district's Planning, Calendar and Facilities committees and as the chair of the district's ad hoc Communications committee. She has also been a reading tutor and classroom volunteer.

Melissa is a 2009 graduate of the Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership and strongly believes parent involvement plays a major factor in the success or failure of Newport's schools. She encourages every parent to 'up' their involvement just one extra notch and watch the tide begin to turn.