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Mario Kirdendall
Mario Kirkendall
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Kirkendall, a native of Cincinnati, has a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Cincinnati as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education. Prior to being hired at Newport, Kirkendall served at National Sales Manager at Norris Productions Corporation, where he served as head of Educational Market Expansion.

“It is very exciting to be named Athletic Director of the Newport Independent Schools,” Kirkendall said. “From my initial tour, to meeting the students and community members, to exploring the Newport community, it has all been a great experience already. There is a lot of good that can be done at Newport and I am more than fortunate to be involved."

Kirkendall began his career as a teacher and program director at Phoenix/Teresa where he was responsible for leading teams of 12-18 teachers on multi-dimensional projects. He also implemented a successful state-mandated reading program that increased student-reading levels from 54 percent student success to 87 percent.

Kirkendall then served as a physical education teacher at Princeton City Schools where he also contributed to building leadership at the schools by developing strategies for increasing teacher and parent communication, as well as student engagement.

“My philosophy for the athletic program ties back to Newport’s mission statement, ‘Preparing Students for the Future’", he said. "There is a lot to be learned through athletics; the sense of pride for your school and your community, ownership, forging friendships, and having an outlet to grow. I want to be able to instill such skills as work ethic, integrity, and leadership that student-athletes are not only able to use now, but throughout their entire lives.”

, Cincinnati EnquirerPublished 11:14 a.m. ET July 12, 2018