Facilities & Transportation

Tim Grayson
Director of Facilities & Transportation


Transportation Department
This department's role is to provide safe, comfortable, reliable, and timely student transportation to school; home from school; and to extra-curricular events.  It is our goal to provide a transportation environment in which students, staff, and parents feel secure.  Our goal is to make that first contact a positive experience for both the student and the driver.  A FUN BUS SAFETY VIDEO - Click here
Transportation Requests

Newport Schools will be returning to in person classes utilizing our Hybrid Plan on September 29th. Therefore, we will begin taking transportation requests starting Wednesday, September 16, 2020. This year we are asking you to complete the online transportation request form. You will need to complete a form for each child in your household. This will allow us to be more efficient as we move forward. All requests will be taken in the order they are received online. It is important for you to provide accurate addresses and contact information.

Transportation Request Form

Due to COVID-19 we will have fewer seats available on the buses. Therefore, you will probably notice some changes to our procedures. All buses will be loading from the back to the front and unloading from the front to the back. Please remember all riders will be required to wear a face mask or covering.

Any questions please contact Kathi Baldwin at 859-292-3001


Question: Why doesn't the Transportation Office call me when the bus is delayed in the AM or PM?  Is there a place I can call for information about a bus delay?

Answer: School buses, like any form of mass transportation, are significantly affected by many uncontrollable factors.  These factors may include a shortage of drivers due to sickness or other, (weather, season, road repair/closure, traffic) conditions, run coverage, etc.  If the bus is late and the student rides it to school, he/she will not be counted tardy.  The Transportation Division strives to keep all buses running as close to the published time schedule as possible.  We do ask that the students arrive at least 5 minutes early to the stop location.  This ensures that we account for seasonal traffic conditions.  We notify schools as soon as we confirm late buses.  If you feel the bus is running late, please contact the school for the latest information or contact the Transportation Department at 859-292-3005.

  • All special needs students will be transported to all locations - If transportation is required in their IEP.
  • Students from South Newport and the Waterworks Road area will be transported to the various schools.
  • Transportation will be provided for special circumstances: homeless students, women's crisis center, other necessary social services.
  • All pre-school students will be transported.
  • Bus schedules can be picked up from the Welcome Center, during regular business hours.  To find out if your child qualifies, contact the Transportation Department.



Tank Bus2018


Information for the 2020-21 Tank Bus route will be available soon. 




With the approach of cold weather and the dreaded S word, SNOW, the NIS transportation department wants to remind everyone of our procedures for winter weather. Please refer to the Wind Chill and Inclement Weather Plan found on our district website,, for an overview of how we will make decisions and how these decisions will be communicated to your family.

In addition, during days of extreme cold, once the initial routes are finished the transportation department will be making additional runs across Newport to pick up students who are walking to school in order to get them out of the cold. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 859-292-3001.

For Facilities and Transportation related questions or issues, contact Kathi Baldwin 859-292-3005


Facilities Department - The primary mission in facilities is to provide the physical environment that enhances teaching and learning; thus, ensuring that the best possible learning environment is provided for every student and staff member.  Our department will do this through planning, designing, engineering, constructing, and maintaining in a responsive, customer service, effective, and safe manner.



The Facilities/Transportation Department services are committed to providing the best learning environment through teamwork and continuous improvement in all that we do.

 Facilities/Transportation Manager, Tim Grayson 859-292-3005
For Facilities and Transportation related questions or issues, contact Kathi Baldwin 859-292-3005