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Coaches Needed /Sports

Newport Schools are actively looking for a 7th & 8th Grade Volleyball Coach, and a Wrestling Coach for Newport High School students.  Please click here to apply.

Backpacks & Breakfast


Ronald McDonald House Pop Tabs Collection

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On Friday, we delivered the pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati.  The Ronald McDonald House allows families to stay together when they have a very sick child.  The get 20 to 40 thousand dollars a year from donated pop tabs.

This year Newport Primary collected 269 pounds of pop tabs! 

Ms. Ryder’s class came in third with 28 pounds of pop tabs.

Second was Ms. Alley’s class collecting 44 pounds of pop tabs.

The winner of the McDonald Shake Party this year is Ms. Turner’s class, collecting an amazing 108 pounds of pop tabs.


Kindergarten Readiness

These are the skills that new kindergarten students are expected to be able to do!  If you have a young child in your home or community, you can help by practicing these skills with them!

Getting Ready for Kindergarten