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NEWPORT PRIMARY....................8:05 AM       3:05 PM
NEWPORT INTERMEDIATE..........7:55 AM       2:55 PM
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Enrollment During Non-Traditional Instruction



Newport Independent School District

Enrollment During Non-Traditional Instruction

Any parent of guardian of an out of state student needing enrollment should follow the link to begin the process online. The Newport School enrolling that out of state student will work with the family to coordinate delivery of any applicable school work as we navigate through these Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) days. If the student is currently enrolled in another Kentucky Public School, that student should complete her or his NTI days with their current school district. Once regular classes resume we will enroll that student. Thank you for understanding that all Kentucky schools are currently, conducting NTI at this time. 

Click Here to begin Enrollment Process

NTI Schedule Update April 20 Letter N

As we suspected, and as confirmed by today’s virtual meeting with Governor Beshear and all KY superintendents, schools will not be returning to in-person classes this school year, and we will be ending instruction on May 14th. The ending day corresponds when each school district reaches 1062 hours. Thus there are different ending dates for each school district. 

I know you will all have many questions; please look for more information from your school principals in the days to come with end of year procedures, technology turn-in instructions and more.

As of now, Food Service will continue to provide uninterrupted meal service on the current schedule throughout the summer for any students 18 and under.  (Not just Newport Independent students) Please take advantage of this program to help feed your children and stretch your family budgets in this time of crisis. Each meal we serve increases the federal reimbursement our food service program receives. By participating you are helping the district as well as your family.

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NTI Day Information and News

Parents, Students, and Staff: Please use this link for additional information, tech support links, and frequently asked questions regarding NTI days. Thank you! 

NTI Info Page

Meals for Students During NTI Days