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Heather Orman

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What an extraordinary privilege it is to be serving as your high school principal this year.  We accomplished a lot of great things together last year, including efforts to improve instruction, safety, culture and climate in the building. 


Building on last year’s work, we will continue to emphasize the Wildcat Way: Be Safe, Be Proud, Be Excellent.  Students will receive recognition for exemplifying excellence in academics, attendance, and the Wildcat Way. Look for your invitation to these celebrations at the end of each semester.  New to the Wildcat Way will be an intensified emphasis on traditions that are ingrained in the Newport community. 


Great instruction is our charge at NHS as we prepare our students to embark on higher level academic and/or career pursuits.  Teachers will provide additional individualized supports, including reading and math interventions, to help them catch up, keep up, and excel.  We will also offer new academic programs after school, like ACT Bootcamp, through our 21st Century Program.    


Communication with parents and families is at the forefront of my priorities this year.  Teachers will be reaching out to garner your support in partnership with them to ensure that our students are the best and brightest of students who are entering the job market.   We will also use Instagram to showcase what’s happening in NHS classrooms.  Please follow us at nhswildcats


Technology, iPads or Macbooks, is an important instructional tool at NHS. Because we provide our students with technology, please make sure to complete and return tech forms as quickly possible so we can distribute tech and be off and running to another GREAT YEAR!



Heather E. Orman


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