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Dear Parents,

Because I was hired mid-Summer, I hit the ground running with work to improve systems and structures in the building that impact learning. Based on conversations I had with staff, parents and students, I chose to start with creating a positive culture and climate in the building.

After being in the building and community for a while, I realized there are many Newport organizations who provide supports and financial opportunities, including scholarships, to our NHS

students. Another thing I am passionate about is communication, and I was not sure that parents knew about all of the wonderful and unique opportunities.

So, I worked with a team of NHS staff to put together the Fall Showcase. The primary objective for the evening is to spend more time getting to know our parents, so we can partner to help NHS students be excellent young men and women sought out by employers and academic institutions nationally and globally.

The Fall Showcase is not a formal, tightly scheduled event. As an educator who has spent 23 years working with teenagers, I know that teens inherently want to spend less time telling you about what’s going on in school and act embarrassed if parents want to come to the school. The Fall Showcase is not about grades or behavior, it’s about seeing all the great things that are happening at the school and getting information that you may not know or that you keep asking your teenager about and they “don’t know” or “forget.”

Selfishly, I am also hoping to meet you. With the quick turnaround over the summer and all the new information I had to consume, I look forward to spending an evening just talking to parents and getting to know ways I can help and support our families in an informal and fun environment.

I look forward to seeing you this Thursday, starting at 6:00 with food and a start-of-school video.


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Heather E. Orman 


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