Scholarship Information

There are several documents.  First, the Information Packet.  READ THIS PACKET!!!! You are responsible for understanding these scholarships.  Secondly, the Common Application.  This is a Microsoft Word file.  TYPE your application!!! Make sure you ask someone NOW for a letter of recommendation.  Good letters of recommendation are NOT easy and require time and thought.  You do NOT want this to be a regurgitation of things already listed in your application or essay, so be sure to ask someone who knows you well and will comment highly on your personal attributes.
Also attached is the Anna Adelia Jane Murphy (AAJM) Scholarship (due April 10th).
Common Applications will be due Tuesday, April 10, 2018.  This is our second day back from Spring Break, so be prepared. You will turn in ONE copy! This copy should include your letter of recommendation and essay. 
Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.
If you submit the Common Application, be prepared to attend Senior Awards Night on April 24, 2018.  This is a night for NHS to recognize you and your accomplishments.
Please let Ms. Wood know if you have ANY questions.


2018 Newport High School Scholarship Information Packet

2018 Common Scholarship Application

2018 AAJM Scholarship

2018 Elks Scholarship Application