Superintendent's Message

Kelly E. Middleton

Happy New “School” Year to all of the students, families and staff of the Newport Independent School District!  The 2015-16 school year is upon us and it is exciting to see the energy and collaboration by so many individuals in a combined effort to make this a productive, successful school year!

Many changes are taking place throughout the district.  Phase 1 is nearing completion at the high school.  The front office and main entrance are almost ready and the community has had the opportunity to stay current with school events with the addition of the new, digital marquee.  One of the most noticeable changes is the replacement of the turf at the football field.  The field is receiving the final touches and will be ready for the start of the football season.  We hope to have the new auditorium addition ready for use within the school year.  It is wonderful to see the upgrades and changes in an effort to make our schools the best!

This will be the first time that we begin the year operating out of our “Welcome Center" (commonly known as Central Office).  Most know the building as the site of the old Newport High School.  It is a beautiful piece of Newport history and we are proud to restore and use it to serve the community.  

We continue to be one of the few schools in the area to provide iPads to all students in grades 7-12, through the Apple 1:1 match, in an effort to enhance instruction through digital learning.  Our district leaders are always looking for opportunities to put technology in the hands of our staff and students to meet the demands of our ever-changing, high-tech world.

We anxiously await the K-Prep results that are to be released soon. Last year, our school system was recognized as a “High Progress District” and our Newport Intermediate School scores ranked in the top 10% of all elementary schools; thus, it was also recognized as a “High Progress School”.  Our staff and community can also celebrate the highest College and Career Readiness scores that our high school has ever achieved!  I have witnessed our staff work tirelessly on our curriculum alignment and I am confident that our district will continue on the path to greater academic success!

I appreciate all of the hard work from our staff as we prepare to begin another year of learning and growing together.  Thank you for making it “All About Kids”!

Kelly E. Middleton


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