Connected Mathematics Project


Dear Parents and Students,


      Connected Mathematics Project –“The Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) was funded by the National Science Foundation between 1991 – 1997 to develop a mathematics curriculum for grades 6, 7, and 8.  The result was Connected Mathematics, a complete mathematics curriculum that helps students develop understanding of important concepts, skills, procedures, and ways of thinking and reasoning in number, geometry, measurement, algebra, probability, and statistics”. (CMP 2004)

    “In Connected Mathematics, important mathematical ideas are embedded in the context of interesting problems.  As students explore a series of connected problems, they develop understanding of the embedded ideas and, with the help of the teacher, abstract powerful mathematical ideas, problem-solving strategies, and ways of thinking.  Some problems involve real-world applications or whimsical situations, while others are purely mathematical.  A problem’s context provides a vehicle for understanding and remembering the mathematical concepts.” (CMP, 2004)

     Students will be assessed through various methods including, ACE questions (homework) , Mathematical Reflections, Unit Reflections, Check-Ups, Quizzes, Group Projects, Unit Projects, Open Response questions and Notebooks.  The grading system, which I use, is a point system.  Each of the above will be assigned points that will then be averaged to determine the students’ grades. Students are EXPECTED to complete ALL homework in order to keep up with the class. When a student is absent he /she may have missed out on important concepts that are presented in class and may need to see me in order to gain a full understanding of the concepts that were missed.  I will gladly meet with students after school, upon request if extra help is needed.


Mrs. Tucker/Mrs. Lenihan
6th Grade Mathematics Teachers