Technology Integration

What is a Technology Integration?

Technology is like other resources available to students, teachers, specialists, and administrators although something sets it apart from all the others.  It has a fascinating attraction for students.   It is a powerful tool and has the potential to promote  and help implement instructional practices like no other resource. In this case, the goal is to successfully integrate technology as a natural part of teaching and learning. 
Are You Tech Savvy?

How do you know if activities and strategies you use really "integrate technology?"  Below is checklist using non-technical language that you can use to rate yourself.
A visitor would see the use of technology as a learning tool
Students work toward an outcome or goal that is clearly stated and measurable
The activity that includes technology is a logical part of the lesson
Technology is a part of solving a real problem or investigating resources connected to the lesson
The teacher can describe the benefiting students are gaining from the use of technology
Students are genuinely interested and enthusiastic about learning
All students are able to participate either individually, in small groups or whole group instruction.
More cool stuff is happening than you or your students expected
You can explain what the technology is supposed to do in a few sentences
Learning goals you wish to accomplishing are more difficult without technology
Directions: Total the number of checks from the statements above and then check your score below.
Number of Check Marks
Your Technology Integration Rating
9 - 10  
7 - 8    
3 - 6   
0 - 2