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    Use the following link to practice conjugating AR verbs (like HABLAR-to talk).  The chapters to do are 8-10.  The link includes ER and IR verbs (like COMER and VIVIR) in Spanish as well, but you do not have to do that unless you are smart.  If you are smart (you decide), try to learn about ER and IR verbs, too, and practice with them.

    Proceed to Unit 2 and review the verbs SER and ESTAR.  These are chapters 15-18 and they will prepare you for the rest of the week.

    After that, go to Unit 3 and review chapters 31-32 with the verb IR, that we just covered last week.

    Take the quizzes and tests.  Once you receive 100% on the test, raise your hand and I will come check.  You receive 25 points for each test you complete to 100%.

    The link is below:


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