Board Of Education

District's Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: To nurture, guide, instruct, and challenge our students; to equip them with the intellectual and social skills needed to function successfully and wisely as adults in a complex, diverse world

 Vision: Newport Independent School District aspires to be an exemplary school system, a system that delivers on the promise of providing all the children of this community with access to high quality education, a safe, inviting environment and the best possible chances of success.  We aspire to develop a culture committed to high expectations for our students and staff – a culture that respects and celebrates diversity, disciplined work and an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement.  We aspire to share this vision with our parents and community – to inspire and empower them to support and guide our students’ interests and decisions.


School Board Chair: Ms. Ramona Malone

Ramona Malone is a former resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. After marrying George “Mike” Malone in 1985, he asked her to move back to his hometown of Newport, where her love for this city developed through her husband’s love for his hometown and the warm welcome she received from her neighbors. Ms. Malone is a graduate of Woodward High School; and attended the University of Cincinnati and Southern Ohio College. Ramona pursued a career as an insurance professional and earned an SCLA (Senior Claims Law Associate) degree. Ms. Malone worked in the Insurance Industry for over twenty years and as a Senior Claims Specialist, Ramona was required to obtain and review the facts of each case in order to make the right decision; an attribute she plans to use to make the right decision for Newport Schools. Ramona is the mother of four children and all four have graduated from Newport High School. Along with being an active advocate for the NIS district, Ramona has a personal stake in the success of our school district as a resident of the Newport community. Ms. Malone is very excdited about her appointment as School Board Chair and is looking forward to this opportunity to serve our children and the communtiy.


School Board Vice-Chair: Dr. Julie Smith Morrow

Dr. Smith-Morrow was first elected to the Newport School Board in November 2007 - having been appointed to a vacant board seat in August, and re-elected in November 2008.   Dr. Smith-Morrow is currently employed as the Vice President of the FreestoreFoodbank.  Julie attended college in Minnesota; Texas Tech; and has a Ph.D. in plant molecular genetics with a focus on food crop improvement.  Prior to joining the Board, Dr. Smith-Morrow was recognized by NIS for her work in initiating a weekend food program in the Newport Schools through the FreestoreFoodbank.

School Board Member: Ms. Melissa Sheffel

Originally from Eastern Ohio, Melissa moved to Newport in 2000 following her marriage. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Ohio State University and works as a freelance writer and communications consultant.   Melissa has two sons at Newport Intermediate School, where she is also president of the PTO and volunteers as a reading tutor. She previously served as PTO president and member of the Site-Based Council at Mildred Dean Elementary and on the 2009 District Planning Committee. She also previously served as Secretary for the Clifton Neighborhood Group and the Newport Citizen's Advisory Council, and as a member of the Newport Recreation Commission.  Melissa is a 2009 graduate of the Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership and strongly believes parent involvement plays a major factor in the success or failure of Newport's schools. She encourages every parent to 'up' their involvement just one extra notch and watch the tide begin to turn.

School Board Member: Mr. Shaun Thacker

Shaun Thacker was raised in Newport and is a Newport High School graduate.  He is currently attending Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.  Shaun has recently married and has two children attending Newport Schools. Mr. Thacker's decision to serve on the School Board was prompted by wanting to give back to the Newport Schools and to help provide a better district for our kids.  Shaun's outside interest is foremost his family followed by softball, fishing, and cars.

School Board Member: Ms. Theresa Miller

Theresa Miller was born and raised in the Marine Corps.  Her home town was Frankfort, Kentucky where she worked in the Kentucky State Government for several years, then moved to Northern Kentucky and went to work for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Contracts Management; Facilities Management; Information Research Management; and Budget.
Theresa is a graduate of Franklin County High School and is currently a senior at Northern Kentucky University where she is working on her degrees of Political Science and English.
Ms. Miller decided to serve on the School Board after being retired from the Federal Government of 30 years of service.  She feels that she needs a challenge.


Regular Board Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month; except for November (12th) and December (10th).

Board Work Sessions are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month -   November and December months will not have work sessions.