Early Childhood

Lisa Swanson
Special Ed Director
Newport Preschool

Newport Independent Schools offers half-day preschool year-round to all four year olds and (three year olds with special needs).  Services are offered 4 days per week with a morning session for 3 hours and an afternoon session for 3 hours.  Two groups of up to 20 students attend each day. These services are offered at the Preschool Village at Newport Intermediate Center on 4th Street.  Extended preschool services are offered with Children Inc., which is located at the Academic Center for Educational Services at 8th and Columbia.  This collaboration was recently awarded a 4-Star Accreditation.  Preschool teachers are Ms. Kate Neikirk and Ms. Gina Hildebrandt.

Newport Independent Schools preschool program works in collaboration with the Newport Early Childhood Initiative (NECI) which is comprised of Children Inc., Head Start, Brighton Center, Success by Six, STRIVE, and NKU.  These partners offer services from birth to age five.  Regular student assessment are provided utilizing DIAL-3, a nationally-normed assessment instrument that provides parents and teachers with the highest level of insight into developmental progress and needs.
To register, please contact Angie Hall at the Newport Welcome Center at 292-3080.