Our Schools

Old Design of High School Entry
Newport High School
900 East Sixth Street
Newport, KY 41071
Principal:  Kyle Niederman
Asst. Principal:  Mike Hunter
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-292-3023
Fax 859-292-2812

Newport Intermediate Student Design
Newport Intermediate
95 West 9th Street
Newport, KY 41071
Principal:  Joshua Snapp
Asst. Principal:  Kathy Hale
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-292-3021
Fax 859-292-0222

Newport Primary School
Newport Primary
1102 York Street
Newport, KY 41071
Principal:  Matt Atkins
Asst. Principal:  Nichole Hayden
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-292-3011
Fax 859-292-0771

2014-2015 Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

Department of Juvenile Justice
Important Numbers: