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NPS 21st Century Schedule Changes for October 22 - October 25 21t Centuray

Monday, October 22, 2018 - Cub Scouts is canceled.  All other clubs will continue as scheduled.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - Kindermusik is canceled.  All other clubs will continue as scheduled.

Thursday, October 25, 2018 - Fitkids is canceled.  Lexia will run as scheduled.

Fall House Party

House Event
Wednesday, October 31st

Classes will not have a traditional Halloween party.  On this day, all students school-wide will participate in fun events with their house.  Please do not send candy or treats.  The only items that are needed for this day are cookies and juice.  If you are able to provide any of these items, please send them in with your child or drop them off at the office before Tuesday, 30th

Students are encouraged to wear their house color on this day!

Amistad – Yellow          Reveur – Blue           Equilibrio – Maroon 

Su Tu Tin – Orange           Isibindi – Purple           Altruismo – Green

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday

Birthdays are celebrated on the first Friday of each month.  This is the day that treats may be brought in to share.

Holiday Assistance Holiday Assistance

Dear Parents, 

The leaves are changing colors and the days are getting shorter;  we are soon approaching the Holiday Season.  Last year, Newport Independent Schools served many families during the holidays.  We are thankful for the generosity of so many community and school partners willing to help.

Click here for the requirements if you think you may need assistance for the holidays.  The Family Resource Center will be registering families for assistance in October and November.

NPS Parent Teacher Conferences Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences
(Report Card Pick-Up)

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Contact your child’s teacher for details.

Adopt A Class Spotlight spotlight

I have had the privilege to work with and teach in Newport Primary classrooms since graduating from Xavier University and starting with PwC five years ago, and have been our Adopt a Class Team Lead for the last three years. We have loved teaching each of our second grade classes, including  this year with Miss Coleman’s class! We’ve done a variety of different lessons to learn about money, budgeting, computer science, coding, engineering, etc. and have had several fields trips including a holiday party at our downtown office and a year end trip to the zoo or aquarium.

Some of our favorite lessons were our computer science and technology lessons developed by and PwC. is an awesome nonprofit whose sole purpose is getting computer science and technology into the classroom. Over the last year, PwC has partnered with them to develop easy to learn computer science curriculum which is FREE and can be accessed at Specifically, our class utilized the Hour of Code curriculum that can be accessed at Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries with over 200+ one-hour tutorials, available in over 45 languages. Activities require no experience and can be run on browsers, tablets, and smartphones - some don’t require any computer at all. Please consider using one or multiple of these FREE resources and if you have any interest in having myself or another PwC employee come teach in your classroom, feel free to reach out to Molly!"  

NIS Partner with United Way and Born Learning Academy Born Learning

The bornlearning® Academy is a series of workshops for families with at least one child younger than 5. Together, we learn how we can prepare our children for school, starting when they are born. We have dinner with our families, break out into groups and learn how to Turn Everyday Moments into Learning Opportunities.

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