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We need your input! Our goal is to have 100% of our parents complete our parent survey.  Be sure to click Newport Primary in the drop down box.

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21st Century Clubs 21st Century

Please note that all 21st Century after school programs will run through Thursday, December 20th.  They will begin again when we return on Monday, January 7th.

NPS Basketball Schedules basketball
Family Turkey Project Winners

Turkey winners

Adopt A Class Spotlight spotlight

Nick St. Pierre, from the Reds' Adopt a Class team shares:

I look forward to visiting with the students monthly.  Seeing their faces and getting their hugs makes me so happy, and at times, turns my day around.  I love their questions – about whatever activities we are doing, about the stadium or the team, and what we did over our breaks.  The mascot visit to the school was awesome last see them get so excited and be so engaged was truly a treat.  The students' visit to the Ball Park last year was also fun. They had a chance to tour the Hall Of Fame and watch a ballgame.   They are just a great group of kids from Newport Primary, and Ms. Ryder is a gem for allowing us into her classroom and sharing the kids with us, as well as including us in their day.

Reds visit

NPS STLP Regionals at NKU


Cecilia S., Evan B., Christopher L., and Lupita M. competed at the STLP Regionals at NKU.  They qualified for the STLP State Competition held at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky in March.  Go Wildcats!

Campbell County Public Library

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