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The Wildcat Way

1.  I will greet adults by looking in their eyes and using their name or Ma'am or Sir.

2. I will keep my eyes on the speaker. 

3. I will immediately say thank you when given something. I will perform random acts of kindness.

4.  I will speak in complete sentences.

5.  I will tell the truth.

6.  I will say "Excuse Me" if someone bumps into me, even if it's not my fault. 

7.  I will congratulate others when they succeed.

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Newport Swim & Dive Team


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NPS Book Madness


Book Madness


Buddy Bench

Recycle GlobeThe Family Resource Center at Newport Primary School (1102 York) is collecting clean/dry plastic caps and lids, to have recycled into a durable plastic "Buddy Bench" for our playground!  Click the bench below for the list of acceptable caps and lids.  Please share this with any groups you may be associated with, as we are trying to collect 500 pounds of caps and lids!  Very important:  Caps and lids must be clean and dry (no sticky drink residue or mold please).

Buddy Bench Flyer


Henry Hosea House

Henry Hosea House

NIS Fundraiser

NIS SchoolStore

Alrighty Northern Kentucky friends and family, anyone interested in supporting Newport Primary School? Just do your online Christmas shopping by first going here, and entering Newport Primary School and clicking on featured merchants! It's that easy to help our students! You'll find over 400 of your favorite shops that will donate a percentage of your purchases to our school! This is a quick, easy manner to assist NIS in providing for our students! We appreciate your shopping!

Remember to shop here  and use Customer #180576.


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